Home-made Pizza


Ingredients (for 2 pizzas):

Main Ingredients:

  • 400g of 00 flour
  • 200ml of water
  • 86g of Sourdough Starter (or 1.5g of yeast)
  • 10g of salt
  • 200g tomato passata - or so
  • 240g of buffalo mozzarella
  • Additional toppings as you like (Mushrooms, basil and olives work well)

Goes Well With:

  • Salad


  • Large mixing bowl
  • Baking tray per pizza


Dough (30min + 8h):

Dough must be made 8h before preparing

  1. Pour water into mixing bowl and add Sourdough starter or dried yeast, add all but 50g of the flour bit by bit and start mixing (1 mins)
  2. Sprinkle the remaining 50g flour on to the table top
  3. As soon as the mixture becomes too hard to mix with a spoon, empty to the table top and knead until it feels dry but not hard (2 mins approx)
  4. Put the dough back in the bowl, cover with a clean tea towel and leave to rest outside the fridge for 4h
  5. After 4h, cut the dough into 2 equal peices
  6. Put into seperate bowls, cover with a clean tea towel and rest for another 4h outside the fridge

Prepare (20min):

  1. Turn oven to as hot as it will go
  2. Cover table top with a sprinkle of flour
  3. Empty one bowl of dough and flatten it from the middle out to roughly a pizza shape
  4. Oil a baking tray and put the pizza base on top
  5. Spread passata, chunks of mozzarella and then the remaining toppings you wish (If using mushrooms quickly pre cook them)
  6. Drizzle olive oil and salt on top

Cooking (10mins - depends on oven temp):

  1. Put pizza in the oven until ready - approx 10 mins @ 250° with a fan (mozzarella and sauce is bubbling and edges look yellow)