Abous Us:

Picture of Justin

I'm Justin Seals and I have developed this website with Nick to reach out to people as interested in our planet as we are. I graduated from Brunel University in Mechanical Engineering and am currently working as a web strategist. Recently my interest in the well being of our world has developed and I have become facinated with how, we, as a human race has impacted it. I feel it's important to educate others as to what is really happening, and provide information for real solutions. Building this website has enabled me to share the information I have gleaned from what I have learnt with you, and I hope you find it both interesting and absorbing.

Picture of Nick

My name is Nick Leith, a recent graduate of a mechanical engineering degree and an aspiring renewable energy engineer. Over the last few years I have been educating myself more and more about the current state of the world, its problems, and how many of the assumed solutions fail. Having devoted so much of my time learning to sift through the inherent bias in our media and find out what's actually possible, both Justin and I felt it was worth our time aggregating what we had learned for the benefit of others.

It is worth pointing out that this is always going to be a learning process for us. This site will never be finished, only in a state of perpetual updating, as we find more relevant, accurate information, and as new technological developments arise.