Product Life Span

Planned obsolescence is the unfortunate and quite worrying manufacturing standard that plagues our current economic society. Everything in today's economic climate is driven by money and profit, which means, it is economically beneficial to replace and upgrade items, meaning that objects are made with non-ideal materials to reduce production costs and create a market for replacing these products in a certain time frame. Unfortunately this means that billions of tones of materials are being unnecessarily wasted creating inferior products because it is economically beneficial.


There are countless items in this world which serve a singular purpose and are discarded when in reality, they should be re-used. In the current economic society it is often cheaper to throw away a product than re-use it, and as we know, this world is driven by money, not by what is the best practise. Billions of tones of materials are wasted due to this negligence, and can be easily rectified if profit was removed from the equation.


There are many things in this world which unfortunately cannot last forever, and cannot be re-used. Anything and everything should be made with recycling in mind. Throwing away any material is a worrying permanent action as we live on a world that has finite resources, once these resources are used up, our situation becomes alarming. It makes pure logical sense to stall this onset for as long as possible to recycle anything that we can.