Energy is the basis of our current civilisation.

The discovery of ways to extract energy from previously unknown sources (coal, oil, natural gas) has allowed the human population to increase from 1 billion in 1800 to nearly 7 billion currently. At this current rate of increase the world population stands to reach ~14 billion by the end of the century.

Not only is this growth unsustainable from a population perspective (many would argue that world food resources are already stretched too far), but the energy supply itself is facing a potentially imminent crisis of our energy reserves being depleted. In addition to this, as long as our current habits are sustained, the planet plunges ever deeper into the unknown with regards to climate change.

Energy is quite possibly the single most important global issue in recent times.

IEA report on the current world energy situation:

This is a report from IEA (The International Energy Agency) stating the worlds energy progression since 1971. It is a well laid out and detailed account of the consumption, emissions, outlook and indicaters of energy.

Video on Current world energy stuff???:

A short video explaining the current world energy state, it's problems and possible solutions.