As harsh as it sounds to hear, nature is effectively a dictator. As much as someone may want to believe they can walk up a wall, gravity won't allow it. Similarly, there are those who intend on, as an example, mining the resources we have bare, for profit, with little to no concern for the carrying capacity of the earth. Whilst this is obviously unsustainable at anywhere near the rates that we are doing this, too few realise that at a certain point, nature won't allow it, simply because the earth is finite.

With this in mind, would it not be an idea to preserve what we have to the best of our technological ability and use sustainable practices to allow our children to live in a world that is not stained by pollution and disputes over dwindling resources?


An accessible and concise detailing of the climate change issues we face. It covers the little understood mechanism of the climate 'tipping point', beyond which it may be impossible to avert catastrophic consequences.

The Story of Stuff:

A general overview of how our consumerist society works, the waste that it perpetuates and the exploitation it requires. This video shows that the process is unsustainable.

The story of Elecronics:

Similar to the above, but this video focuses specifically on electronic goods, and the lifecycle of said products. Once again, this is shown to be unsustainable.

The Story of Cap & Trade:

An explanation of the climate change prevention implementation known as Cap & Trade. This video shows where it is at fault, and why it is still being used regardless.