Solar - Photovoltaic

The process of converting direct sunlight into electricity via photovoltaic panels (more commonly known as Solar Panels). This can be mounting in a variety of locations, such as on roofs of buildings, large scale Solar Panel plants, or even on vehicles.

Solar - Thermal

The process of using mirrors to concentrate a huge amount of sunlight onto one spot, and converting that intense heat into electricity via established means. The idea is not too dissimilar to heating a spot on a surface by angling a magnifying glass in a certain way. The steam from this heat can power a generator and create electricity.

Photovoltaic Paint

Photovoltaic paint is a revolutionary applied material that mimics photovoltaic cells at a much reduced financial and materialistic cost.

Solar Islands

An intuitive way of utilising previously unused space which has high solar potential. By creating large "islands" of solar panels either on floating platoons or in deserts energy can be generated without the loss or impact on human developments. These targets for solar islands would be picked on their merit of solar potential and lack of impact on civilisation.

Geostationary Solar Satellites

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